Privacy Policy

Agglomerati di Cemento wishes to inform you that, in accordance with Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, it needs to process your personal data collected automatically or provided by you through navigation or use of the website.


The Data Controller is Agglomerati di Cemento, in the person of its legal representative, domiciled at its registered office at Via Pian Scairolo 28/B
6915 Lugano-Noranco.


Agglomerati di Cemento respects your right to privacy. In particular, Agglomerati di Cemento does not sell, give away or otherwise transmit your personal data to third parties. Furthermore, your data is never used for purposes for which you have not given your explicit consent in advance.


Agglomerati di Cemento considers all your information as confidential information and treats it with the utmost discretion. We apply this principle to both the collection of your data and its processing and storage, which are done in an equally secure manner.


The following data are collected at Agglomerati di Cemento :

  • The data you enter in the forms accessible from the website, for requesting information, services or products. They are collected solely to enable Agglomerati di Cemento to provide you with the requested information, services or products.
  • Data derived from the logging protocols of its servers. These protocols contain information about the type of browser you used, the pages you visited, and the time you spent on the Agglomerati di Cemento site. They do not, however, contain any data relating to your person. Agglomerati di Cemento will not attempt in any way to relate the data contained in the protocols of its servers to people who have visited the site. Such data will only be used for statistical purposes, to enable Agglomerati di Cemento to understand how best to structure its site.
  • The data and information transmitted by you via e-mail. This data is exclusively used to respond to you. Your message and a copy of our response will be recorded for archival purposes. Please note that for unencrypted e-mail messages, however, there is no absolute certainty that the information contained will not be read by third parties.


At any time you can ask Ditta what data about your person has been recorded.


If you wish, Agglomerati di Cemento will delete any data related to your person upon your simple request. You only need to send the relevant request via a form.

Agglomerati di Cemento publishes news and practical cases on its website, which are of a general and purely informative nature. They have no advisory value, which is why their accuracy and/or completeness is not guaranteed. They do not represent any offer to the public and do not in any way bind Agglomerati di Cemento. To obtain advice or information regarding your particular needs, Agglomerati di Cemento invites you to seek specific advice, to which the company's general terms and conditions will apply. Agglomerati di Cemento also assumes no responsibility for the existence and content of third-party sites, to which the Agglomerati di Cemento website refers via a hyperlink. Trademarks, copyrights and any other intangible rights appearing on third party sites are the exclusive property of their respective owners.


Agglomerati di Cemento is the owner of any information or intangible right published on its site, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Agglomerati di Cemento permits the use, reproduction and distribution for noncommercial purposes of the information contained on its site, provided that the following is explicitly stated on the reproduction:

COPYRIGHT © 2021, Agglomerati di Cemento

If the reproduction contains third party information, reference to the third party owner of the relevant intangible right should also be included. The use of images published on this site is encumbered by the payment of royalties to the authors.